Terms Of Service

Last Updated 13 june 2021
  • Any order using our website means that you are accepting the below terms and conditions. You will be prompted to accept these terms during the order. The general terms and conditions will apply to all sale Services rendered by Tudcloud Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Tudcloud) via the website Tudcloud.com to the client. Do not use Tudcloud website services provided unless you accept the terms and conditions herein. The general terms and conditions are deemed accepted by the client by placing an order to Tudcloud website, and thus entering into a contract with Tudcloud further to Tudcloud confirming the Order; this stands for a services agreement regulating the contract relation between Tudcloud and the client.


  1. By entering into this Agreement, you understand that our website and services operate in accordance with our Privacy Policy (clearly found on our website). We have put in place adequate measures required to safeguard personal data that we collect from you and we have ensured that we are in concordance with all laws, including GDPR. However, you are the only responsible for any personal data that you provide while using the services if they are neither required nor actively collected by us.
  2. You are responsible both for keeping safe the credentials that you use to access the services and for the activities or actions carried out under your credentials, whether your credentials are associated with our services or those of a third party. You agree not to disclose your password to any third party and we will only ask you for this credentials if a support request is initiated by you. You have the responsibility to change the credentials after a support request has been resolved.

Uptime on our services

  1. We guarantee that our network and servers will be functioning 99.95% of the time on any given month, with some exceptions:
  2. Scheduled maintenance windows and emergency maintenance windows.
  3. Maintenances scheduled by our suppliers ( both DataCenters and IP Transit ).
  4. Planned and notified migrations.
  5. Server shutdown due to account suspension for any reason.
  6. Factors outside our control, such as force majeure events.
  7. Actions of third parties, such as server compromises, denial of service attacks and viruses.
  8. Violations of our Terms of Services.
  9. User human errors.
  10. If we fail to meet the guarantee stated uptime you can claim for a credit of the following value no later than 5 business days from even.

Refund clause

  • We will not refund to the payment gateway under the following circumstances:
  1. We guarantee that our network and servers will be functioning 99.95% of the time on any given month, with some exceptions:
  2. 24 Hours after purchasing the service;
  3. You used more than 10GB traffic on the VM;
  4. Targed by (D)DoS;
  5. The network is not good enough;
  6. You already have a VM in the same location;
  7. Any loss caused by any type of abuse;
  8. IP geographic location reason;
  9. IP is not available in some region but the service is already activated more than 24 hours. Please contect with our sales department once your IP is not globally accessible at the first time. (The same day you bought).

The Action of Abuse Taken Down Request

  1. In case of violation of the following terms, we have the right to immediately suspend or terminate the service and refuse to provide any form of refund without notice, and will actively cooperate with local law enforcement agencies to investigate.
  2. Upload content that is strictly prohibited in the operating region (Taiwan, the United States, Hong Kong, etc.), which generally refers to gambling, crime, child pornography, piracy, infringement, imitation, fraud, movie stations, lotteries (including time and time lottery, Mark Six), etc.
  3. Use the host to send external and internal packets (whether active or not), ARP attacks, ARP hijacking, scanning for weak passwords, malicious exhaustion and interference with other servers.
  4. Use the host to send spam (SPAM), spam (messages, posts), disseminate Trojan horses, viruses (including malicious files referencing other servers).
  5. Use Torrents, BT, etc. to download or distribute copyrighted content.
  6. Nested virtualization (Java is not subject to this restriction).
  7. Use net_speeder/finalspeed/kcptun and other software that interferes with the operation of other servers.
  8. Run software that consumes a lot of CPU, bandwidth, and hard disk resources, such as mining traffic, various virtual currencies, video hanging, cluster computing, and traffic exchange (there is no such limitation for independent server exclusive broadband products).
  9. Rules for rational use of resources
  10. Do not use software that affects network performance (including but not limited to: PT download, BT download, external outsourcing, etc., except for exclusive broadband products).
  11. Others - TBD


  1. We will not compensate customers for losses caused by the following situations
  2. Service inaccessibility (use) or data loss due to user account arrears, non-renewal or forgetting to renew
  3. Service inaccessibility (use) or data loss due to user's operation or other related behaviors
  4. Inaccessibility (use) or data loss caused by the user’s website content or usage violation of the terms of service
  5. Inaccessibility (use) or data loss due to force majeure (social/natural, etc.)
  6. In the absence of special instructions, we only guarantee the server bandwidth quality and do not guarantee the quality of any regional/transnational routing.
  7. For the newly opened machine IP that cannot be used, we provide free replacement of the available IP; for the unavailable IP for more than 24 hours, an IP replacement fee of $5 will be charged.
  8. For any network failures, please provide ipip.net screenshots, mtr screenshots and/or traceroute screenshots. For speed-related issues, please use iperf3 test screenshots, otherwise the technical team reserves the right to refuse to respond to related inquiries.

  • The final interpretation of this TOS belongs to Tudcloud Inc.

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